L’exposition : L’origine de l’original

L’origine de l’original – authenticité et transformation dans le design

Nous vivons à une époque où différentes traditions culturelles se rencontrent, fusionnent ou se heurtent, et où le manque de modèles fiables laisse un vide palpable.

Le besoin d’identité individuelle ou sociale est incarnée dans l’art aussi bien que dans le design. La médiatisation des célèbres designers s’affaiblit, pendant que les concepts de design démocratique grandissent.

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Néanmoins, les questions autour de ce qui est authentique ou original demeurent, et on s’interroge toujours à quel point notre environnement est influencé par la reproduction, l’imitation, ou la traduction.

L’exposition interroge ce phénomène à travers une perspective particulière du design, dans laquelle le présent débat se concentre sur des problèmes de droit d’auteur, de prototypage et de re-design.

Elle présente la nature comme une principale source d’inspiration, montre des exemples de production industrielle et post-industrielle, et met au défi notre fascination pour le génie et l’original.

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Origins of a Work – authenticity and transformation in design

We are living in a time in which different cultural traditions meet to fuse or collide, and where the lack of trustworthy role models leaves a vacuum that waits to be filled.

The subsequent need for individual or social identity is embodied in art as well as in design. There the hype surrounding celebrities is ebbing away while democratic concepts are growing.

Nevertheless questions remain about what is authentic or original, and to what extent our manmade environment is influenced by reproduction, imitation or translation.

This exhibition examines the phenomenon with a special view to design, in which the present debate focuses on issues of copyrights, prototyping and redesign.

It demonstrates nature as a principle source of inspiration, shows examples of industrial and post-industrial production, and challenges our fascination for the genius and the original.

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This spring, Naked Shapes, Boisbuchet’s exhibition presenting Japanese domestic and aluminium objects from 1910 to 1960 will be on display at the Maison de l’Architecture in Poitiers from March 26th until July 30th.

The scenography for the exhibition is inspired by the Boisbuchet’s Kyakuden, a traditional japanese guesthouse guesthouse  dating from the 1860’s that was  imported in the Domaine in 2008.

The exhibition is organised in partnership with the Ville de Poitiers, Les Beaux-arts-Le Miroir and La Maison de l’Architecture Poitou-Charente.


Exposition : Album des Jeunes Architectes et Paysagistes / AJAP Exhibition

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Les Albums des Jeunes Architectes et Paysagistes 2014

L’exposition des « Albums des jeunes architectes et paysagistes » relaie tous les deux ans la politique du ministère de la Culture et de la Communication en faveur des jeunes architectes et paysagistes. Cette promotion des AJAP 2014 distingue 13 équipes d’architectes et 5 équipes de paysagistes de moins de 35 ans. Présentée à la Cité de l’architecture & du patrimoine en avant-première, l’exposition poursuivra son itinérance en région et à l’international en 2015. Read More

Paradise is a Work in Progress

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June 21st – September 21st 2014

Over the past 20 years, renowned architects from all over the world conceived innovative buildings for the Domaine de Boisbuchet and new projects are now on the way. ‘Paradise is a Work in Progress’ reveals the fascinating diversity of architecture designed for Boisbuchet’s bucolic setting – realised, failed, currently under construction or still in a state of pure vision.

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Boro – The Fabric of Life

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Boisbuchet presented this exhibition in 2013, which is now valuable for other venues.

A travelling exhibition organised by CIRECA. The exhibition is designed in cooperation with graduate students from Parsons The New School for Design, New York.

The exhibition Boro – The Fabric of Life comprises approximately 50 pieces composed of a collection of ingeniously repaired futon covers, kimonos, work garments, and other hand made, household textiles which were created by Japanese peasants between 1850 and 1950 using leftover, indigo dyed cotton. Most come from the private collection of New York based gallerist Stephen Szczepanek. Mr. Szczepanek also contributes to this exhibition as co-curator alongside Mathias Schwartz-Clauss, Boisbuchet’s artistic director. Read More

Simon Velez: Une architectue végétarienne

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In summer 2012, Boisbuchet presented two exhibitions on the theme of bamboo; one is centered on architecture and is comprised of an open air walking tour of the domain and the second features the work of an artist who utilizes the unique character of this material within the Boisbuchet chateau.

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Adventures with Objects

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Alexander von Vegesack’s collection in a touring exhibition

Alexander von Vegesack, the initiator of Boisbuchet’s cultural activities and founding director of Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, is an outstanding and extraordinarily engaged personality of today’s international design community. His collection forms a substantial picture of the history of modern furniture design but he has always stayed in close contact with contemporary production and keeps asking: What is important in design?

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Maria Blaisse : Moving Meshes

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Boisbuchet presents the designer’s first solo exhibition in France.

In 2012, Maria Blaisse’s inventive bamboo structures were filling the airy rooms in Boisbuchet’s castle. Serving as costumes or sculptures, expanding, contracting, bouncing and shifting, these forms animate the body and form space. Strong yet delicate, their form is driven by Maria Blaisse’s sensitive material research and her masterful understanding of form.

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Naked Shapes

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Aluminium recycling in postwar Japan.

Naked Shapes showed aluminium objects of daily use, which industrial designer Seiji Onishi, gallery owner Keiichi Sumi and graphic designer Nobuhiro Yamaguchi have passionately assembled over more than twenty years. Cleaned of any sorts of make-up such as paint, labels or excess decoration, these things were stripped bare, down to their essential form. In their simplicity, anonymity and material nakedness, they express a quiet yet crystal-clear poetry of everyday objects. Read More

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