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Adventures with Objects

Alexander von Vegesack’s collection in a touring exhibition

Alexander von Vegesack, the initiator of Boisbuchet’s cultural activities and founding director of Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, is an outstanding and extraordinarily engaged personality of today’s international design community. His collection forms a substantial picture of the history of modern furniture design but he has always stayed in close contact with contemporary production and keeps asking: What is important in design?

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Maria Blaisse : Moving Meshes

Boisbuchet presents the designer’s first solo exhibition in France.

In 2012, Maria Blaisse’s inventive bamboo structures were filling the airy rooms in Boisbuchet’s castle. Serving as costumes or sculptures, expanding, contracting, bouncing and shifting, these forms animate the body and form space. Strong yet delicate, their form is driven by Maria Blaisse’s sensitive material research and her masterful understanding of form.

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Naked Shapes

Aluminium recycling in postwar Japan.

Naked Shapes showed aluminium objects of daily use, which industrial designer Seiji Onishi, gallery owner Keiichi Sumi and graphic designer Nobuhiro Yamaguchi have passionately assembled over more than twenty years. Cleaned of any sorts of make-up such as paint, labels or excess decoration, these things were stripped bare, down to their essential form. In their simplicity, anonymity and material nakedness, they express a quiet yet crystal-clear poetry of everyday objects. Read more

Luminous Times

Lighting Design Through The 20th Century.

The exhibition was visited from 13 June through the end of September 2010 in the context of guided tours or by special appointment.

Domaine de Boisbuchet presented a special exhibition with lighting objects from the collection of Alexander von Vegesack.
The architectural exhibition shown there owed much of its appeal to the morbid charm of the premises, and this very element is being drawn on again for yet another presentation. Read more