Francisco Gómez Paz (AR)

The Beauty within the Process

September 1st – September 7th 2019

The Workshop

Beauty is something rather mysterious. I’ve found out that it often appears when I search for truth, for goodness, or simply for doing the right thing.

We tend to think that behind a strongly technical and rational dimension there is little space for beauty and poetry. My intention with this seminar is to experience the exact opposite. I strongly belief that, along the difficult process of understanding and solving complex design problems, it is possible to find small and unexpected solutions endowed with a strong poetic potential.

The complex challenge of this seminar is to design a large solar fruit dissector for Boisbuchet's garden – an object which helps to dry fruit and brings together the worlds of technology and poetry at the same time. Our production will be using flexible manufacturing techniques including computer guided devices such as laser cutting and /or 3D printing.

You’ll find technical solutions for this problem and on the way you’ll explore the beauty that is hidden in anything that works!