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Monumental Graphics

Dates: 29 June - 05 July 2014
Type of workshop:
Prices: From € 835 to € 1125 (incl. tuition, materials, food, accommodation)

MONUMENTAL GRAPHICS from Domaine de Boisbuchet on Vimeo.

antoineetmanuel_photo-Pascal-BEJEANA workshop on outdoor graphic design

Usually graphic design is present on a specific object (a book), a media (internet), indoors or in urban environment (poster). In this workshop we propose to move graphic design practice into nature, in the park and on the architecture of the estate of Boisbuchet.

There is no restrictive definition of graphic design. Some people could see it as a visual medium to communicate a message or as a propaganda and an advertising tool. Then there are ones who explore it like a decorative art and imagining new forms. Others might focus on plastic art research, might be abandoned by contemporary art or work with spontaneity.

For us, typography (writing, stylizing, signs and the study of symbols…) is the common starting point.

At the end of our workshop week, the aim is to produce a graphic work which integrates with space, exploiting it, modifying it and presenting it in a new way  – a kind of Graphic Land Art.

Day 1: Visit of the estate; each participant will propose his thoughts and ideas. Altogether we’ll find the project(s).

Day 2: Individually or in small groups, we will look for material (objects found in nature, photos, drawings, etc.). The creation process will be defined.

Following Days: The making – we’ll use the available tools for print, woodwork, ceramics etc. and the chosen materials (cardboard, fabric, wood, paper…).

D Day: We’ll finally install all graphics in situ, accompanied with documents on our projects (video, photos), which shall also be available on the web ( and FB).

Antoine and Manuel met in a prep art school in Paris in 1984.

Manuel studied Product Design at Paris École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs while Antoine started working as a fashion designer.

They started working together as graphic designers under the name Antoine+Manuel in 1993 and their work quickly embraced the fields of culture and fashion.

Their body of work encompasses a wide and diverse range of projects, from designing corporate identities for the likes of Christian Lacroix and Sèvres, to working for theatres and museums such as Collection Lambert (contemporary museum) in Avignon, La Comédie (theatre) in Clermont or CNDC (dance center and school) in Angers. Furniture design, illustration, painting and photography are also part of their multidisciplinary approach.

2009 saw a retrospective exhibition of their work being held in Paris at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs as well as at the Heritage Museum in Hong Kong.

In 2011, they were chosen –among other international designers– to take part at the large exhibition Graphic Design, Now in Production, which was presented in Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, and recently at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Texas (July 20th-Sept. 29th 2013).

In December 2013 a monumental video projection specially created for the Salon d’honneur of the Grand Palais in Paris is displayed in the Cartier, Style and History exhibition (December 4th 2013 – February 16th 2014).

They are members of the Alliance Graphique Internationale since 2012.

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