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What you always wanted

Dates: 27 July – 02 August 2014
Type of workshop:
Prices: From € 835 to € 1125 (incl. tuition, materials, food, accommodation)

WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED from Domaine de Boisbuchet on Vimeo.

A workshop about the pursuit of your own old ideas

TimFor any creative person, initial ideas are fundamentally important. Many people working in creative professions feel that they depend on an ability to create new ideas quickly for any given situation. What once had been a gift or a talent of few has now become a necessity for many – something that keeps you going and pays your bills. Yet, there is a number of side-effects and many of these have to do with the quality of the ideas created under such conditions and the kind of respect you are giving to your work and yourself. 

For this one week in Boisbuchet we will allow ourselves an entirely different attitude and perspective. There will be no agenda and no deadline to deliver another new idea. Instead, for this week we will look at our own existing (old) ideas or dreams. We will focus on the substance of these few ideas we have kept over a long time and which are (or appear) beyond reach or reality. There is this project you always thought you would like to do, if you just had the time and freedom. There is this business you would like to start, if you only had the power. There is this one big step in your personal development – if you just had the clear-sightedness and energy.

This workshop will be about your ideas, which you have carried with you for some time and which, to a certain degree, are about yourself. It will be about the further development of these ideas and/or about the development of your orientation and attitude towards your projects. 
Our focus will be set individually according to your needs and desires and we plan to encourage you to engage yourself and your ideas in various ways throughout the workshop – in between an individual work and open group-discussions. We will encourage hands-on-work, writing, drawing, conversation on various levels or pure contemplation – if that is what you need. 
Be aware, however, that this workshop is neither a project-seminar nor a project-incubator centred around an isolated student-teacher relationship. Our workshop will instead be mostly about opening up and bringing your ideas and dreams (which you usually rather keep to yourself because you find them too immature, valuable, large, small or unrealistic) to a group of people who respond with comments, advice, encouragement and criticism – or who simply help you to move on.

Who should register?

This workshop is centred around work in creative or artistic processes and it is aimed at people with some professional work experience. Even if a reflection on your personality becomes part of the workshop – your decision to register should depend rather on your ideas about projects you would like to realise than just an abstract desire of self-improvement. 
We also expect you to describe your idea(s) at the outset of our workshop, hoping that you’ll understand more about them at the end.

The workshop is run by Tim Edler (*1965 in Cologne), architect, designer, inventor, and co-founder of the arts and architecture studio realities:united. Tim has a 15 year experience in developing new ideas and at the same time in trying to not let go of the small number of good ideas, which have occurred during that period. For the summer workshop, Tim will be accompanied by his wife professional coach Carola Raetz who will give punctual support and by their children (8 and 11) who have great endurance in asking curious questions.

Tim Edler studied computer science and architecture at Technisch Universität Berlin. From 2005 until 2008 he held a visiting professorship at Bremen’s University of the Arts. In 2003 he taught together with his brother and studio partner Jan Edler at the Pasadena Art Center College of Design.

The brothers Jan and Tim Edler co-founders of a trans-disciplinary art group “Kunst und Technik” in Berlin (1997-2000), founded „realities:united“ as a „studio for art and architecture“ in 2000.

The brothers’ installations have been honoured with numerous awards, for instance the prestigious “Kunstpreis Berlin 2009” (Art Prize Berlin, an award in the category architecture) by the Akademie der Künste in Berlin (Academy of the Arts Berlin), or the Hans Schaefers Award by the Bund Deutscher Architekten Berlin (German Architects Association Berlin). After receiving the gold prize of the regional Holcim Award for Sustainable Construction in Europe for their project “Flussbad” (River pool) in 2011 – the prize carries a 100.000,- US$ purse – the project was also awarded the 50.000,- US$ bronze Global Holcim Award 2012.

Pieces by the brothers are both included in permanent museum collections like the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany, or Museum Abteiberg in Moenchengladbach, as well as in private collections.

The Edlers have been exhibited at several international exhibitions including the Venice Biannual (2002, 2006, 2008), the Art Museum Stuttgart, the Museum Abteiberg in Moenchengladbach, the MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, as well as the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel.

In 2011 the bother’s first monograph “realities:united featuring” has been published by Ruby Press in Berlin.


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