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Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video HAE CHO CHUNG:Ottchil: Lacquer of Orient
I extract the sap from ott-trees that grow in my country and use this as the main material for my work – fascinated by the recondite polish and the unique colours drawn from this material. Ott-tree sap is one of those materials which are unique for Korea’s traditional craft and the practical application of this lacquer traces back to 300 B.C. Our workshop introduces into the method of obtaining the material, demonstrates how to mix colours and how to actually apply it to the base material. You’ll start the course by either searching and coming across something you wish to embellish or shaping it of either natural or man-made matter. I’ll then show you how to apply the Ottchil and bring out its specific luster and mysterious colours that sublimate your object.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video KATJA GRUIJTERS:✱✱✱ Survival Foods
During this intensive course on food design you are going to work with a survival kit and any available ingredients found on Boisbuchet’s natural estate while all attention will be turned to your inventive preparation and cooking methods. All your inspiration and research in this survival food design course will be shaped into a ✱✱✱ (three-star) rigid three-course dinner, party or product line. Consider ✱✱✱ fish from the river Vienne, ✱✱✱ fried Boisbuchet ants, freshly picked wild cherries, served with ✱✱✱ plates and cutlery.
This is a workshop to discover, observe and transform nature. A challenging food design group assignment for cooks, foodies, graphic designers, architects and all other interested creative disciplines!

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video MAURICIO FREYRE:Cinema and desing
Cinema is made by ideas, narratives, objects, machines characters, actions, dialogs, sounds and spaces which are structures in a time line. The focus of this workshop is to design a cinematic experience in space, exploring the representation in cinema and the medium itself.
We will exercise the design of film narratives and the creation of characters and actions and at the same time design objects that interact with these narratives through light, sound and the moving image in space. The final exercise will be a combined film installation and performance.
“The thing that matters is not what they show me but what they hide from me and, above all, what they do not suspect is in them.” Robert Bresson

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video ELISE FOUIN:Wool of Nature
Wool accompanies humanity since millenniums. The material is raw and sophisticated at the same time and associated with traditional skills as well as innovative knowledges – due to its technical properties implemented in textile industries and its great capacities of thermic and acoustic insulation. Wool dresses, wraps and warms us and is as sensual as it is protective. In a world obsessed by innovation but inclined towards a revival of “natural values”, wool has constantly renewed its potential – from fashion to housing.
The objective of this workshop is to explore the simple and as well as the extreme qualities of wool. And we are going to design our objects by manipulating the material with a common gesture: creating links! All different types of connection by knitting, weaving, sewing, assembling, sticking or tangling shall origin the building of our objects. While each participant develops his or her own language, the individual technique finally determines the object’s rhythm such as strength or stress-relief and density or lightness.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video ALEXANDER BRODSKY:The Nameless Structure
For this workshop we are going to use a whole pile of building garbage: all kinds of construction leftovers from the current works at Boisbuchet as well as those things, which had been unused and forgotten all these past years – stuff from the junkyard, which is certainly cheap or strange but enough to build a small pavilion, a shelter.
In the very beginning I am going to show you a small presentation about this kind of architecture – examples of my own work and similar things – a short lecture. Then we are cataloging in a simple book all the materials we can use with a short description and raw drawings of every piece. Given this catalog we’ll discuss a structure that we want to build, find a site that fits our idea and altogether create a first rough design. Based on this sketch we are going to errect this structure – maybe including doors and windows and maybe even some furniture – in order to create a holistic experience that includes light, air, humidity etc.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video STUDIO GLITHERO:Process as Spectacle
Studio Glithero is focusing on the moment of creation, on those steps that lead up to the moment when a product is finished or when it just starts to exist.
This workshop is about timing, choreography and spectacle. It is about shifting the focus away from the end product and towards the process and moment of creation.
Students will be set a special challenge that encourages them to think less about the final destination and instead explore the beautiful and fantastical ways of making the journey from A to B.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video AYSE BIRSEL:The Designer’s Life You Love
I believe our life is our most important project.
With this in mind, I started applying the design process “Deconstruction:Reconstruction” to my own life. At Boisbuchet, I will show how to use design thinking not only for your work but for your own life as well. My goal is two-fold here: My first goal is to share my time-tested and proven creative process as a tool you can apply to any problem and project going forward. My second goal is to help you becoming the designer of your life. I find this especially relevant, since you as designers are visionaries of the future. Imagine, create and lead an original life—alongside all the other original things you’re creating. At the end of our session, you will have a concept model for the life you love, one you can start testing right away.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video MICHER’TRAXLER:Fantastic Reality
The workshop “fantastic reality” will investigate how to trigger imagination in order to come to specific results.
We will bring very short descriptions of fantastic surreal-sounding but existing places. These places, that ofen have specific characteristics or host distinctive natural phenomenons will be the starting point for the workshop and will form the bases for tests, explorations and experiments. By using unfamiliar places our creativity will be triggered and will automatically lead to unexpected starting points.
Through practical assignments and research, the participants will analyse, harvest and use the immediate surrounding of Boisbuchet to create potential projects. The days will be full of discussions, brainstorming, fun and hands on experiences and will lead to imaginative concepts and real tangible outcomes.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video SHOLTEN & BAIJINGS:Colour
Scholten & Baijings’ Boisbuchet workshop is based on “constructive thinking” and colour will be the main focus. The goal is to indicate personal skills and to apply these skills in order to be expressive and creative in one’s work. Every created element in your design process is a piece of independent work and part of a larger whole. By creating your handwork, new ideas develop that can be used for your final designs.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video REALITIES:UNITED:What you always wanted
For any creative person, initial ideas are fundamentally important. Many people working in creative professions feel that they depend on an ability to create new ideas quickly for any given situation. What once had been a gift or a talent of few has now become a necessity for many – something that keeps you going and pays your bills. Yet, there is a number of side-effects and many of these have to do with the quality of the ideas created under such conditions and the kind of respect you are giving to your work and yourself. 

For this one week in Boisbuchet we will allow ourselves an entirely different attitude and perspective. There will be no agenda and no deadline to deliver another new idea. Instead, for this week we will look at our own existing (old) ideas or dreams. We will focus on the substance of these few ideas we have kept over a long time and which are (or appear) beyond reach or reality. There is this project you always thought you would like to do, if you just had the time and freedom. There is this business you would like to start, if you only had the power. There is this one big step in your personal development – if you just had the clear-sightedness and energy.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video TOMOKO AZUMI:Paper and Stone
Paper and stone have properties that are contradicting: the one is light, translucent and manipulable, the other is heavy, opaque and resistant. Using these simple materials, we ask participants to create objects – personal utensils or gifts for the surrounding landscape which celebrate these contradictions. Your results might take form as pieces of furniture, accessories, a new space or a wearable architecture.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video STUDIO SWINE:Mobile City
‘Vernacular design’ points to a form of design that is very much of the place and that has developed according to the localised needs, available skills and materials. Vernacular design is often spontaneous and improvisational and reflects the environmental, cultural and historical context.

Taking inspirations from the various vernacular designs around the world, we will create a ‘Mobile City’, a movable small scale architecture which offers trade in goods or services, using the grounds at Boisbuchet as a starting point and an experimental platform from which a new micro city can emerge.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video FORMAFANTASMA:Prima Materia
In the past years sustainability has become one of the most central issues in design. But
whereas designers initially faced environmental urgencies with a more didactic attitude,
sustainability is now becoming an almost unconscious desire within the rediscovery and
analyse of nature and our relationship with it.
While inherited knowledge and traditional or local techniques are reconsidered, nature and
the organisation of its systems become again a great source of inspiration. Even on an
aesthetic level, crafted and organic details constitute a new trend and colours, for example,
are used more and more in pallets of bird’s plumage or leaves.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video SEBASTIAN BERGNE:Gravity
Gravitation, or gravity, is the natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other.
This workshop will explore the effects and implications of gravity on our created and natural environment. Through this exploration, participants will be directed toward creating objects, structures or environments that express, utilise or react to gravity as an idea or actual physical force.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video SILO STUDIO:Another Dimension 2D to 3D
Textiles are possibly the material that is closest to us: in distance, intimacy and quantity. They wrap us from the moment we are born, stay omnipresent in different shapes, textures and colours throughout our lives and still accompany us into the grave. This workshop explores the unexpected potential of textiles to create moulds for the development of 3D-objects.
Textile moulding allows us to create shapes that could not be made in any other way and let the moulded material express its physics and nature. Another particularity is its effect of creating a soft appeal for objects with a sturdy substance. We will work with many different textiles that offer a wide variety of properties and allow to use any mouldable material such as glass, plastics, wood, ceramics, bread and metal.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video STUDIO RYGALIK:Comfort, Food & Wood
The outcome of this creative collision is highly unpredictable! With wood as our main material, comfort and food as the main topics, and through various experimental processes, we are going to create objects and experiences while exploring the relations of all these ingredients.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video MAX LAMB + FRED HERBST + CMoG:Vitrification
Fire is the fundamental force linking ceramics and glass. Fire turns clay into ceramic and silica (sand) into glass. The transformation is know as vitrification, whereby a solid is heated until it becomes liquid, and as it cools down it becomes a vitrified, glass-like solid. For there to be fire there must be fuel, and in Boisbuchet the fuel we use is wood. In fact Boisbuchet ‘is’ wood.
Vitrification workshop with Max Lamb, Fred Herbst and Corning Museum of Glass will introduce wood as a third ‘fundamental’ material in the creation of ceramic and glass objects, extending its value beyond simply use as a fuel.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video ANTOINE + MANUEL:Monumental Graphics
Usually graphic design is present on a specific object (a book), a media (internet), indoors or in urban environment (poster). In this workshop we propose to move graphic design practice into nature, in the park and on the architecture of the estate of Boisbuchet.
There is no restrictive definition of graphic design. Some people could see it as a visual medium to communicate a message or as a propaganda and an advertising tool. Then there are ones who explore it like a decorative art and imagining new forms. Others might focus on plastic art research, might be abandoned by contemporary art or work with spontaneity.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video Paul Haigh + GLASSLAB:Liquid Fusion
Working with expert glassmakers from the Corning Museum of Glass, participants develop conceptually driven glass concepts at multiple scales from fashion to furniture, from artifact to architecture. Each new design will be fabricated through multiple prototypes utilizing the processes offered, including pipe blowing, fusing, hand pressing and cast glass forming. The participants will examine glass making as an art form that offers a multitude of methods appropriate for today’s design tasks.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video Cheick Diallo:Developing Modernity
In our workshop we’ll take advantage of the creative potential in the arts of recycling and deviation in order to develop a contemporary language for a new series of furniture and domestic objects with its own quality trade mark.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video Philippe Malouin:Functional Forest
Functional forest is a workshop intended for all who are interested in making functional interventions to nature.
The aim of our exercise is to create a fun and/or functional object and reintroduce the outcome back in the place of its origin in order to create there an adult playground of tools, games, furniture, equipment or an installation.

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2014 // Video Groenlandbasel:Architecture on Stage
For 20 years, internationally renowned architects conceived innovative building prototypes for Boisbuchet and a couple of new projects now come into being. The best of these ideas – realised, under construction or dormant for the future – shall be presented in Boisbuchet’s 2014 summer exhibition and our workshop designs this show! The scenography of our exhibition will be developed in cooperation with Boisbuchet’s director and includes architectural interventions, interior design, exhibition furniture, graphic-design and lighting.

Be inspired by some videos of last 2013’s workshops!

Domaine de Boisbuchet 2013 // Video Paul Haigh:CMoG


Domaine de Boisbuchet // Workshops 2013 // Andrew Ondrejcak
How does design shape performance? How does performance shape design?
This workshop focuses on the conceptual possibilities of design in time-based mediums – including fashion shows, opera / theatrical stage design, performance art, and exhibition design. The workshop includes discussions with Andrew Ondrejcak and a review of works by other artists who combine design and performance. The participants will work on a trio of charrettes – designing for music, designing for text, and a proposal for Object Theater – before embarking on a larger design and performance project, to be fully actualized on the grounds of Boisbuchet.


Domaine de Boisbuchet // Workshops 2013 // Maarten Baas – Points of view
A key element for Maarten’s design is his intuitive and playful way of working. This will also be important in this workshop. Yet, there will be another focus on the designer’s social position and responsibilty – which might be different for each individual. The experiences and solutions, as well as the dilemma’s and failures of Maarten’s own design life will serve as a guideline and various aspects of design will be touched. We are going to create scale models or small objects with materials such as cardboard, wood or fabric.


Domaine de Boisbuchet // Workshops 2013 // Peter Marigold – Thinking through making
By engaging with physical material, our design brains work better. When you leave the renderings on the computer and move to the workshop you suddenly see the whole world again – and not just a screen: Physical material forms solid thoughts! The participants of this workshop shall create a pavilion somewhere in the forest where people can sit and think. All of its furniture and other contents will be made from simple materials that have been carefully taken apart and reformed. By engaging with these forms in the process of deconstruction, participants will arrive at an understanding of how much can be created from so little. This is their basis to generate new forms that answer the simple requirements of the pavilion and its users.


Domaine de Boisbuchet // Workshops 2013 // Mischer’Traxler Local Production Line, building a little manufactory
Manufacturing processes, machines and production lines are an important design factor which often becomes a source of inspiration opening manifold possibilities. But a designer can also question the way things are produced, twist the function of a particular machine or develop own processes with unique outcomes.
This workshop investigates the possibility of a local serial production directly at Boisbuchet. In the beginning, small groups will explore possibilities of using local materials and how they can be transformed within a few production steps. We are going to look at the potentials of the surrounding and experiment with various materials. Through practical research, trials and errors, the participants will analyse, harvest and use the immediate surrounding. The restriction of producing a similar piece several times will be our inspiration. After these discussions, brainstorming, fun and hands on experience we will combine and mix the starting points into one or two common „big“ production lines. Our goal is to have one little object of the same kind for each participant as a tangible souvenir of the week.


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