Leonard van Munster

"Bring Your Floaties"

July 23rd – 29th 2017

The Tutor

Van Munster’s contemporary autonomous installations are mostly site-specific.

Take his mirage “Under heaven 02”, for example, in a desolate tunnel under a highway and surrounded by an iron fence. It is impossible to get there, no matter how tempting this plastic oasis looks. Or see the work “Fortuna“: the life-sized, seaworthy ship he placed, keeled over on its side, right in the heart of the financial district of Amsterdam.

Although Leonard’s pieces at first glance have a cheery or boyish look to them, there are more subversive ideas at their base. Recurrent underlying themes as desire, nostalgia and the search for happiness against better judgment. The pleasant appearance of his work has the effect of a layer of pink sugar frosting, creating a contradictory feeling. Most of Van Munster’s objects are exhibited in the public domain and can only be viewed for a short time. What remains are the memories and a photo...

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"Bring Your Floaties"
July 23rd – 29th

The Workshop

Van Munster’s contemporary installations are to be found mostly in public spaces, where the surroundings play an important role in the way they are experienced. He chooses a location that suits his sketch, idea or else and then makes a work especially for that specific location. Now it’s your turn!

The lake at Domaine de Boisbuchet is your exhibition space. For your inspiration, take an event that has been in the newspaper prior to your arrival in France. And if you are not inspired by one of these news events, choose the location itself as your source of inspiration to create a site-specific work on/in/under the water…

Bring some dry socks and your floaties… a swimming certificate is considered advisable. 🙂


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