Ceramic Sculpture
Atmospheric Firing

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Boisbuchet proudly presents this workshop in cooperation with RISD. This is a two-week workshop and grants (according to the US system) 3 academic credits for succesful participation. Please note the special conditions and check with your university if RISD credits would be accepted.

Dates: 12 – 25 June 2016
Tutor(s): David Katz – RISD
Type of workshop: Ceramics
Cost: $4,220 (includes tuition, meals, shared accommodations, transport from Poitiers to Boisbuchet, lab fees and mandatory insurance)
Register for this workshop : http://ce.risd.edu/programs/risd-boisbuchet

This intensive course delves into the language of clay as a material, exploring the broad range of opportunities imbued in the history and physicality of clay. Embracing tactility and the immediacy of touch inherent in the material, students reflect on their surroundings in this unique setting, while exploring the boundaries of form through personal expression and structural experimentation.

Students draw inspiration from the rich environment of Boisbuchet – the beauty of pastoral landscape, alongside the diverse interventions of the architectural park. Through direct observation of the landscape, we explore its volumes, lines, patterns and surfaces as points of reference to develop sculptural objects and installations.

Building techniques and methods used in class include coil and slab building, wheel-throwing and nontraditional methods. Works are fired in a wood kiln, allowing the atmosphere of the kiln to highlight the subtlety of touch, exemplifying the expressive nature of the material. With an emphasis on experimentation, students expand their understanding of the possibilities of clay as a means of reflecting on the world.

davidkatzDavid Katz is a sculptor and installation artist working primarily with ceramics and unfired clay. His work explores the notions of existence within a fabricated reality of cultural space. His practice is informed by interests in human tendencies of expansion, emergence of order, the complexities of human culture and fragility of social constructs.

David received a BFA from the University of Wisconsin in 2005 followed by an MFA in ceramics from Indiana University in 2012. Prior to joining the ceramic faculty at RISD in 2014 David worked as the Ceramics Technician and faculty member at Bennington College in Bennington, VT. David has completed residencies at Greenwich House Pottery in New York City (2006-2008), Guldagergaard – International Ceramics Research Center in Denmark(2011), Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN(2012-2013), and Watershed Center for Ceramics in Newcastle, ME(2014). David’s work has been widely exhibited throughout the United States, Europe and Asia in both group and solo exhibitions in addition to numerous commercial acquisitions.

Register for this workshop : http://ce.risd.edu/programs/risd-boisbuchet