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"Design for Play"

Sept. 1st – Sept. 7th 2017



Bruna is a Post-Doc design researcher and practitioner. Her research is currently based at the Materials Experience Lab, at the Delft University of Technology, in The Netherlands. Alongside, she is leading the project for establishing the ‘Material BAse’ at the Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo, Brazil, and is an advisor for their ‘Design & Immersive Experiences Lab’ (IMEX Lab). Bruna holds a BA in Fashion & Textiles (Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil), and a PhD in Design Products (Royal College of Art, London-UK). She is interested in our experience with materials, with a focus on textiles but not limited to, and investigates how to support designers in exploring and expressing the multisensory aspects of this rich experience.

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After two years working as a production intern for Estudio Campana, Ian graduated from the Industrial Design course at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), in São Paulo, Brazil, and assumed the position of Institute Coordinator for one more year. Today, Ian lives in New York and is studying Business at Columbia University, while still developing specific projects for the Instituto Campana. Ian is passionate about material experimentation and research of handcraft techniques which allowed him to join the Campana Brothers in many workshops, with audiences ranging from low-income kids in Brazilian communities to well-educated adults at the Cooper Hewitt Museum.

Sept. 1st

Sept. 7th


"Design for Play" offers a practical immersion into the process of the Campana Brothers, mixed with the best of theoretical background from the Belas Artes University (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and Boisbuchet's inspiring site. It will take you through three project phases where you'll learn how to experiment with materials and their characteristics, prototype your objects and finally create real toys for kids of the Moinho community in Sao Paulo.

The first module will happen at Domaine de Boisbuchet, where participants are able to give full attention to the materials around them. Wood will be our main material but we'll immerse ourselves in an experimental process that also invites the usage and mixture with other materials available at the place. Using methods from art, design and science you'll develop from your own subjective perspective an understanding of the materials' inherent properties and performances whilst also being exposed to classical wood working tools and machines in order to produce objects that embody all your investigations.

The second module takes place from 25th to 28th July at Estudio Campana in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where the focus is on fine-tuning the identity of your project and the actual prototyping of the toys. Here you shall build on your experiments realized at Boisbuchet in order to achieve out of the box solutions for the given, real-case challenges. Working in their own atelier, you'll learn and apply the Campana brothers original skills and methods in prototyping.

The last module of this project happens at Belas Artes University, from 31st July to 4th August, which provides the expertise, machines and material for the final construction of objects. Here the selected prototypes from the previous phase will be built in real size and taken to the Moinho community by the workshop participants themselves. At the conclusion of this stage you'll have lived the whole Campana design processes, learning a way of projecting from the initial material encounter to the final functional object.

This workshop is only the 1st module out of 3. If you participate in this one, make sure you can attend the following two. For more information, please click here:

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• 20 students maximum per workshop
• all the workshops are in English
• no specific skill required
> Campana Borthers - 2010 Boisbuchet workshop review

• wood
• metal billet or polymers
• materials & tools available
> Boisbuchet's tools & materials

• bonfire, exhibition & guided tour
• 3 designer's presentations
• the famous Wednesday "porky party"
• and many more surprises...
> a week at Boisbuchet


Voyage Autour Lune - © Bêka & Lemoine
Voyage Autour Lune - © Bêka & Lemoine
Voyage Autour Lune - © Bêka & Lemoine


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