Ian Diesendruck (Instituto Campana) + Bruna Petreca (Belas Artes University)

"Design Material for Play"

July 2nd – 8th 2017

The Tutors


Founded in 2009 by Fernando and Humberto Campana, the Instituto Campana's primary goal is the transformation of society through design. The private, non-profit civil association accomplishes this objective through partnerships and cooperation agreements with foreign and national institutions, organizations and public and private entities.

One of the main attributes of the Campana Brothers' work is the inspiration they derive from traditional craft techniques from different parts of Brazil and around the world. It was precisely the proximity to these different realities that gave the initial impetus for the creation of an organization with two main areas of work:

First of all, the rescue of craft techniques—this comprises both traditional craft skills in danger of disappearing as well as artistic concepts and techniques developed by the Campana Brothers. ‘When we collaborate with craftsmen, we rescue traditions, we promote a metier and we increase their self-esteem. This exchange also enriches us as professionals and brings freshness to our production’, says Humberto Campana. The custody and conservation of Campana artworks and archives for future generations is also part of this area of work. The archives include finished pieces, prototypes, raw materials, documents, photos and publications of the duo’s creations in addition to other essential objects that tell the story of these artists’ trajectory since their debut in 1983.

Secondly, the development of social inclusion and education as means to improve the life of people—with the creation of art and design education programs along with lectures and exhibitions of the institute's archives as well as that of other parties. If the work of the Campana Brothers raises a series of critiques about our current society—industrialization, massification, inequality—the Instituto Campana emerges as an effort to institutionalize the universe of the duo and to promote projects that encourage social intervention through a design perspective. ‘The institute has come up with the intention of spreading our universe —look and language— through the dissemination of our archives and the promotion of cultural and educational activities. Life has given us so much, now it's our turn to give back’, concludes Fernando Campana.

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Founded in 1925 by Pedro Augusto Gomes Cardim, the Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo is acknowledged for its huge participation in the artistic and cultural scenario of the city of São Paulo, being considered one of the most renowned and prestigious institutions in the country.

To provide education, culture and knowledge, with the purpose of producing a competitive professional ready for the market and capable of building its career through initiative, persistence, creativity and ethics, has always been the major goal of this university. Belas Artes – as it is best known – offers Undergraduate, Post-Graduate and short courses - all of them directed to the fields of Architecture and Urbanism, Visual Arts, Communication, Design and International Relations. The courses provide the students with a distinguished curricular grid, which is why the ranking given by the Brazilian Ministry of Education to our education level places it above all quality standards.

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"Design Material for Play"
July 2nd – 8th

The Workshop

This workshop offers a practical immersion into the process of the Campana brothers, mixed with the best of theoretical background from the Belas Artes University (Sao Paulo, Brazil) and Boisbuchet's inspiring site. It will take you through three project phases where you'll learn how to experiment with materials and their characteristics, prototype your objects and finally create real toys for kids of the Moinho community in Sao Paulo.

The first module will happen at Domaine de Boisbuchet, where participants are able to give full attention to the materials around them. Wood will be our main material but we'll immerse ourselves in an experimental process that also invites the usage and mixture with other materials available at the place. Using methods from art, design and science you'll develop from your own subjective perspective an understanding of the materials' inherent properties and performances whilst also being exposed to classical wood working tools and machines in order to produce objects that embody all your investigations.

The second module takes place from July 24th to July 28th at Estudio Campana in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where the focus is on fine-tuning the identity of your project and the actual prototyping of the toys. Here you shall build on your experiments realized at Boisbuchet in order to achieve out of the box solutions for the given, real-case challenges. Working in their own atelier, you'll learn and apply the Campana brothers original skills and methods in prototyping.

The last module of this project happens at Belas Artes University from July 31st to August 4th and provides the expertise, machines and material for the final construction of objects. Here the selected prototypes from the previous phase will be built in real size and taken to the Moinho community by the workshop participants themselves. At the conclusion of this stage you'll have lived the whole Campana design processes, learning a way of projecting from the initial material encounter to the final functional object.

All the three modules are integral parts of this workshop. The participation in one of the modules obliges the participant to also participate in both other two modules. However, the booking and payment of the first module taking place at Domaine de Boisbuchet, must be made online via Boisbuchet's website. The second and third modules of this workshop cost together 3400,-- R$ (Brazilian Reais) and include tuition and material (but no travel expenses and no accommodation or board) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Universitário Belas Artes recommend several hostels 5 to 15 minutes walking distance from the workshop's location. The booking and payment of these second and third modules must be made via:

International Office
c/o Tania D'Avella
+55 11 55 767 171
All the three modules must be booked and paid latest until June 2nd 2017.

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* This workshop is the first of a series: download full program
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