Tap-Dori – Our Patchwork Pagoda

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Today’s globalized world challenges any community which is based on a shared place, belief or history. Therefore design should find out how similarities and differences in a community are connected. This workshop uses global and local contexts and tries to weave something ‘glocal.’

The Hindu or Buddhist pagoda architecture, which originally represents a sacred mountain, shall serve as our workshop community’s framework. We are going to animate this structure with each participant’s patchwork, learning from the traditional Korean Jogak-bo textile that women created from discarded fragments of cloth and other material. But we are going to extend this concept and integrate whatever material is at hand in two- and three-dimensional designs. The different patches shall preserve each participant’s culture and ultimately inspirit our simple pagoda environment.

Chang Eung-BokAs a commercial designer, creator Chang Eung Bok(장응복)  has produced fabrics with popular appeal and created spaces with those textiles through Mono Collection. Her career developed over diverse genres including architecture, interior design, styling and fabric dressing. Through her experience, Chang gained a new appreciation and understanding of fabrics and light, the property, function, surface and feel of textile, which simultaneously fostered a unique approach to space. Inspired by her collection of Korean antique furniture, she began producing simple, yet beautifully functional furniture and homeaccessories.
Her furniture and textile products showcased through promotions and exhibitions are tested through the market that is Mono Collection. Chang plans to display even more experimental and spatial works this year.

Webpage : www.monocollection.com