Exploring the
Sensory Landscape

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Boisbuchet proudly presents this workshop in cooperation with RISD. This is a two-week workshop and grants (according to the US system) 3 academic credits for succesful participation. Please note the special conditions and check with your university if RISD credits would be accepted.

Dates: 12 – 25 June 2016
Tutor(s): Suzanne Mathew – RISD
Type of workshop: Mapping / Drawing / Installation
Cost: $4,220 (includes tuition, meals, shared accommodations, transport from Poitiers to Boisbuchet, lab fees and mandatory insurance)
Register for this workshop : http://ce.risd.edu/programs/risd-boisbuchet

This course dives into the deep beauty of Boisbuchet’s natural setting and uses weather instruments to translate the dramatic sensory experience of the environment into a series of sketches, mappings, collages, body-scale drawings and site installations that engage a new level of understanding of the forms and phenomena that animate the landscape.
Students explore the expanses of the Boisbuchet landscape, from the meadows, to the Vienne River, to the woodland, and learn techniques to observe and map the elements that compose this 19th-century landscape: the gardens, vegetation, topography and water. These drawings then serve as a base for students to use their senses to explore changes in light, shadow, temperature and other atmospheric characteristics of the landscape that change from day to night, season to season, and through the forces of time. Each visit into the landscape helps students layer the impressions they create with their senses. Students work with instruments such as a weather meter, light meter and decibel meter to help translate their sensory experience into new modes of modeling and drawing that describe how one’s body recognizes and interprets the natural world.

suzannemathewSuzanne Mathew is a landscape architect and Assistant Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design. Mathew received her BA in Biology from Williams College, and her M.Arch and MLA from the University of Virginia. Her work focuses on developing new techniques for measuring and visualizing the invisible, temporal, and environmental phenomena that shape landscape space. 

Mathew has been the recipient of a number of awards, including the Stanley and Helen Abbot Award for Excellence in Landscape Design, the ASLA Student Honor Award in General Design, the Ken Roberts Memorial Award for Excellence in Hand Delineation, the AIA DC Washington UnBuilt Honor Award. In addition to teaching at RISD, she has taught at the University of Virginia and the Boston Architectural College, and she has worked at Landworks Studio in Boston, managing projects in locations ranging from Cambridge, MA to Nanjing, China. 

Register for this workshop : http://ce.risd.edu/programs/risd-boisbuchet