Philip Beesley in cooperation with EGS

"Veiling the Ground: A Collective Installation and Reflection"

July 30th – August 5th 2017

The Tutor

Philip Beesley is a practicing visual artist, architect, and Professor in Architecture at the University of Waterloo and Professor of Digital Design and Architecture & Urbanism at the European Graduate School. Beesley's immersive sculptures are widely cited in contemporary art and architecture. His numerous collaborations include exchanges with couture designer Iris van Herpen and futurist Rachel Armstrong. He was selected to represent Canada at the 2010 Venice Biennale for Architecture.

His Living Architecture Systems group pursues renewed mutual relationships between human occupants and their surroundings. Artists, engineers and scientists within the Living Architecture Systems group are working together to produce dynamic, expressive arrangements of sensors and motors used in the design of complex systems of sensors and kinetic elements within responsive built environments; reactive circuits and artificial intelligence controlling its actions; and feedback loops that create unique meaning for both human and artificial intelligence.

New architectural installations within the collaboration feature dense reticulated grottos with breathing, reactive, near-living qualities. Details from the emerging work show a preoccupation with intimate human touch interacting with extremely lightweight materials diffusing into the surrounding air. Thin layers of voided hovering filters are tuned for delicate kinetic and chemical responses that cohere in the form of expanded physiologies, beckoning and sharing space with viewers.

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"Veiling the Ground: A Collective Installation and Reflection"
July 30th – August 5th 2017

The Workshop

Could we imagine creating a new surface for the earth?

Using simple natural materials- saplings, reeds- drawn from the riverside lands and agricultural fields of the Domaine and weaving and combining them with foreign extensions including massed arrays of liquid-carrying vessels, we will work together to construct an intensely interwoven membrane that covers the land, launching immersive, hybrid new surfaces. An installation located within the grounds will be created. We hope to discover renewed qualities of fertility. Pattern-books and open geometries from the author’s own Hylozoic Series will be offered, inviting common form-languages to emerge.

Work will alternate between explorations using the fabrication workshops of the Domaine, and collective work fabricating and building together within the landscape.

This workshop is organised in cooperation with the European Graduate School (EGS) and offers 2 Bologna Credits for successful participants. Please register here as STUDENT WITH CREDITS and email asking for a temporary enrolment to EGS while mentioning your participation in this workshop and including proof of your BA.

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