Barnabé Fillion

"Infusing a Travel to Boisbuchet"

September 3rd – 9th 2017

The Tutor

Barnabé Fillion is a French perfume designer, whose formation did not follow the typical perfumer’s education and whose research in new ways of making and experiencing scent constantly pushes the limits of perfumery. Fillion's exploration of scent started with home-made remedies and drinks.

While his following studies in photography resulted in close collaborations with various fashion houses, Fillion's fascination for blending fragrance continued to develop. In 2004 he moved to Switzerland where he studied Botany and Phytotherapy. After a formal training by a perfume specialist who taught him some “keys of olfactory design”, he worked with notable mentors including Christine Nagel – the legendary “nose” of Hermès.

Fillion has designed scents for Paul Smith, Li Edelkort, Armani / Privé, and Aesop. He collaborated in art, design and fashion projects presented at Art Basel, Art Paris, the Fondation La Fayette, the Merci concept store, and many others. Fillion recently also engaged in the blending of spirits, which again shows his continuous interest in applying perfumery in different domains. He finds inspiration in art, philosophy and literature, yet always draws the lines back to nature, the “materia prima”, and to know-how.

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"Infusing a Travel to Boisbuchet"
September 3rd – 9th

The Workshop

As in any project, the process of perfume-making starts with inspiration, continues with conception, selection of materials and testing, to finally achieve the desired result.
Our Boisbuchet workshop aims to give a glimpse of this design process, and show what the work of a nose is. The term nose is, of course, not to be taken literally but used to indicate the olfactory artist, the designer behind each perfume. 
Becoming a skilled nose is part nature, part nurture - some have a particularly sensitive olfactory system- but a big part consists in undertaking rigorous training: smelling thousands of essences and trying to memorise them all. 

In Boisbuchet we will work with the imaginary of the surroundings, interpret them in perfume ingredients and build, each one, his or her own olfactory sculpture: a scent.
What are the colours and textures you smell when walking through Boisbuchet? 
What do you feel and what memories do you recall?
The workshop will comprise a practical introduction to the techniques of perfume-making, based around a craft-oriented process and focalising on the complex yet pure essence of the "materia prima". 

Participants will also acquire some vocabulary, which is key in the world of fragrances. 
Floral, woody, green: what is the olfactory profile you most associate with Boisbuchet? 

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