Christian Wassmann

"Malleable Future"

August 13th – 19th 2017

The Tutor

Christian Wassmann’s architectural designs present discoveries originating from the interconnections of the arts. Wassmann and his international team develop designs that are influenced by the vibrancy of urban life, art, geometry, and the cosmos. The projects of the Studio range from buildings, interiors, ephemeral site-specific installations, exhibitions, furniture, and lamps. The Studio has designed projects such as the celebrated East Village Radio station, a performance venue for Michael Portnoy at dOCUMANTA (13), and Lisson Gallery’s New York building under the High Line. The studio has just completed the Sun Path House, a ground-up residence in Miami Beach that has been featured in W Magazine, PIN-UP, Wallpaper, and WIRED Magazine’s Top 19 Buildings of 2015.

Wassmann’s career began in Switzerland at age 15 when he started an apprenticeship as an architectural draftsman. Since 1997 he has collaborated with like-minded artists and architects, and in 2005 established a private practice. In 2010, he received the Swiss Art Award under the architecture category, and in 2012 the Studio won the AIA New York New Practice Award. His design objects are represented by R&Company and Frederieke Taylor Gallery.

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"Malleable Future"
August 13th – 19th

The Workshop

Ideally, everything man-made connects individuals to themselves, to each other, and to the cosmos. My goal as an architect and designer is to accentuate the essence of a place and create buildings and objects that lead to profound experiences for their users and myself as a creator. Boisbuchet has natural clay deposits below the surface of the earth which we'll transform into vessels. We'll use our hands, tools, gravity, imagination, and other forces to modulate objects that contain time, space, ideas, stories, or other matter. I envision this week to be an archaic, alchemist experiment filled with interesting discussions, innovative discoveries and happy accidents; resulting in original objects that can serve a desired function in the future. You'll concentrate your time at Boisbuchet on forming one or many objects, but you'll also be responsible for their safe transportation (in a self-made container) back to your hometown, where you are supposed to find a kiln and fire up your timeless ceramics – to either explode or possibly endure eternally.

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• accommodation & food are included
• we can accommodate for special catering
• all participants sleep in dormitories
> to book a private room or bring additional guests, get in touch:

• our staff is available to help you conceptualize & produce your designs
• tools & materials are provided by Boisbuchet
• all workshops are taught in English
• the number of participants is limited to 22
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• weekly bonfire, exhibition & guided tour of the Domaine
• 3 conferences from designers
• the famous Wednesday Porky’s party
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