Interact With Architecture

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The aim of this workshop is to develop a series of objects that relate to the idea of built space. Objects that interact with specific architectural features such as, walls, corners, windows, to name just a few, or objects that can mediate the interior and exterior of an architectural construction.

MVB_portrait-PBTrained in IADE Lisbon and the Glasgow School of Art, Miguel Vieira Baptista combines since 2000 his main activity as a product designer with a host of projects in exhibition and interior design commissioned by clients like, experimentadesign and the Lisbon Fashion Week. He has also curated since then several design exhibitions like “Dieter Rams Haus” presented at the Centro Cultural de Belém, CCB in 2001. He juggles his design practise with lecturing the course of Industrial Design at ESAD-CR in Caldas da Rainha since 2000, or as a guest professor in 2010 at the ECAL, Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne in Switzerland. Attention to detail and
the juxtaposition between cultured and popular references lend charisma and depth to his designs, that range from limited editions for galleries like Lojada Atalaia, Cristina Guerra, Marz and Appleton Square, to objects released by brands like Asplund, Authentics, Kvadrat, Materia, Renova and Vista Alegre Atlantis. MVB’s designs have been exhibited around the world and are featured in the permanent collection of MUDE, Lisbon’s Museum of Design and Fashion. In 2013 he was awarded in Cologne with the Audi Mentor prize by A&W.

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