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Boisbuchet proudly presents this workshop in cooperation with RISD. This is a two-week workshop and grants (according to the US system) 3 academic credits for succesful participation. Please note the special conditions and check with your university if RISD credits would be accepted.

Dates: 12 – 25 June 2016
Tutor(s): Bruce Chao – RISD
Type of workshop: Sculpture
Cost: $4,220 (includes tuition, meals, shared accommodations, transport from Poitiers to Boisbuchet, lab fees and mandatory insurance)
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This course initiates a vigorous sculptural exploration of culture by engaging students with nature within a constructed landscape.

Using the environment of Boisbuchet as both location and subject, students create site-specific sculptures as part of a series of purposeful and experimental interventions. Using simple materials – indigenous and interposed, processed and natural – students may elect to use basic hand tools and woodworking equipment as they involve meadow, forest, river, pond, stone, soil, wood, air, weather, sky, sun in their work. The camera or mobile phone is an essential tool for documentation as well as for “sketching,” which involves still and moving image, sound and time. Mutual assistance and true collaboration is encouraged.

Regular discussions and critiques consider dialectics of site/non-site, order/change, natural, human and art process, visible and unseen; felt experience, place, scale, expectation, artistic intention, chance, flaw, artifact, mimicry and more.

brucechaoBruce Chao is a sculptor and RISD faculty marking his 40th year of full-time college teaching. His diverse sculpture practice reflects a wide ranging curiosity that has involved warehouse size installations made of industrial glass, to more recent “sculptures in trees”, for which he trained as a professional arborist and attained certification. His 2014 installation, “Coracles”, for Rejmyre Art Lab in Sweden is but his latest foray into nature and degrees of “wilderness”, which he will continue at Boisbuchet.

Chao’s sculpture has received various recognition: John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, Creative Capital Foundation Grant, Howard Foundation Artist Fellowship, National Endowment for the Arts grants (4), and numerous state art council and college/university research grants. Chao has exhibited sculpture installations in NYC (PS 1, O.K. Harris Gallery, American Craft Museum), nationally from Washington, DC to Hawaii, and his works and installations have exhibited in Holland, Germany, France, and Japan. Chao’s broad summer residency experience includes artist-in-residence (MacDowell Colony, Pilchuck Glass School), and guest teaching in the U.S. and Japan (Haystack Mountain School, Me; Penland School, NC; Pilchuck Glass School, WA; Niijima International Glass Festival, Japan; Toyama City Institute of Glass Art, Japan).

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