Bastiaan de Nennie

"Phygital Database of Curiosity"

August 13th – 19th 2017

The Tutor

Bastiaan de Nennie is a Dutch digital designer. He graduated in 2015 from the Design Academy Eindhoven and has participated in many exhibitions since. Last year, he was nominated for the New Material Award 2016. His work investigates and proposes a new set of principles in design in a world that is rapidly becoming digitalised. He takes physical objects such as steering wheels, seat belts, buttons, and umbrellas, using scanning technology to digitally deconstruct them in what he calls a ''reversed design process''.

"While the objects or products become raw numeric material, I use the digital shapes as building blocks for sketching and assembling new ideas,'' he says. ''I never draw anything in the computer. With this methodology, I only deconstruct, scale, transform, and duplicate".

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"Phygital Database of Curiosity"
August 13th – 19th

The Workshop

What happens when you introduce a physical object to the realm of digital technology?
Designer Bastiaan de Nennie will show you the possibilities at the crossroads of the virtual and physical worlds. Armed with 3D scanners (bring your phone with camera or a DSLR), the participants will ‘harvest’ shapes, materials, and forms in the Boisbuchet surroundings. Together you will generate a database, which will be the starting point for generating new ideas and concepts. It is platform to deconstruct, experiment and play with shapes, materials, and colours around you, in order to create 'building blocks' for new designs. We are going to bridge the digital and physical world by creating a “Phygital” database of curiosity.
The workshop will take place in both the digital and physical realms. You will be working with easy software inside and getting your hands dirty outside.

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• accommodation & food are included
• we can accommodate for special catering
• all participants sleep in dormitories
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• our staff is available to help you conceptualize & produce your designs
• tools & materials are provided by Boisbuchet
• all workshops are taught in English
• the number of participants is limited to 22
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• weekly bonfire, exhibition & guided tour of the Domaine
• 3 conferences from designers
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