Christopher Schanck

"Raw and Refined"

July 16th – 22nd 2017

The Tutor

Detroit-based designer Christopher Schanck embraces contradiction in his work, finding a comfortable place between the distinctions of dilapidation and assemblage, individual and collective, industrial and handcraft, romanticism and cynicism. His efforts deviate from the mass-produced, instead reviving mundane materials by transforming them into unique, limited edition pieces of furniture.

Among his best-known pieces are those that comprise his “Alufoil” series, in which industrial and discarded materials are sculpted, covered in aluminum foil and then sealed with resin. His methods characteristically involve marginalized techniques and the use of humble materials to create objects of uncommon luxury.

After studying Sculpture at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, Schanck worked as a sculptor and model maker. He then studied design at Cranbrook Academy of Art outside of Detroit. He moved to the city in 2011, purchased a storefront to start his studio, which now employs some dozen local artists, students, and craftsmen.

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"Raw and Refined"
July 16th – 22nd

The Workshop

The future isn’t about creating barriers between ourselves and the natural world; rather, it is about understanding our relationship to it.

This workshop will explore an integration of natural and manufactured materials, revealing their coexistence. We will choose a material sourced from the grounds of Boisbuchet and pair it with a manufactured, ‘off-the-shelf’ component. We will then work through a series of rapid iterations exploring the union between these seemingly disparate elements.

After examining how material decisions are made on a prototypical scale, projects will then advance into furniture, sculptures, or designed objects.

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• all participants sleep in dormitories
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• our staff is available to help you conceptualize & produce your designs
• tools & materials are provided by Boisbuchet
• all workshops are taught in English
• the number of participants is limited to 22
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