Contradiction and

In 2015, the Corning Museum of Glass comes back to Boisbuchet with its ‘GlassLab’ – this year directed by renowned …

Human Fur, Textiles, Design And Film

Participants in this workshop will research different types of animal skin. You’ll manipulate the characters of the skin while imitating … Read More

Interact With Architecture

The aim of this workshop is to develop a series of objects that relate to the idea of built space. … Read More

Doors Opening

The emotional, psychological and social aspects of doors have radical implications, material and immaterial. Through an exploration of the spaces … Read More

Between Spaces

Connecting with a large number and variety of individuals, interacting and sharing thoughts and ideas – all that seems to … Read More

Sound – Body – Environment

Sound is a powerful media. It can be a way to communicate, and it can be the way to reveal … Read More

Table, Food & Wood

In this workshop we want to explore new ways of dining and therefore create a unique experience in the magical … Read More

Micro Architecture In Nature

As much as you will be fascinated by the beautiful environment at Boisbuchet, in the end there might be fewer … Read More

Cinema, Design and

Designing the fiction of reality: A collective film about design and architecture. Time, space and architecture will become the main …

Tap-Dori – Our Patchwork Pagoda

Today’s globalized world challenges any community which is based on a shared place, belief or history. Therefore design should find … Read More

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