Estudio Normal

"The Games"

September 17th – 23rd 2017

The Tutor

Martín Huberman is creative director of Estudio Normal and chief curator of Galería Monoambiente in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Trained as an architect, he also exercises as a designer, professor and curator. He received his degree from the faculty of architecture, design and urbanism at the University of Buenos Aires in 2006, and then continued his studies through graduate courses in Buenos Aires and the United States.

Upon returning by mid 2008, he opened Estudio Normal, determining his interest in experimentation and research projects applied to architecture, design and cultural management.

The studio seeks to get away from common ground while trying to redefine the notion of space and matter on individual systems and languages. Estudio Normal develops their own way of doing based on trial and error, on common sense, and a design through simple gestures that are part of a skill to build inherent to all of us.

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"The Games"
September 17th – 23rd

The Workshop

This workshop is about games as a design tool for creating communities. Building games is a fundamental part of our social instinct and allows us to shape our cultural environment and to connect with others.

As kids we discover through the act of playing games the power of rules as a medium of social behaviour. In those games, rules are not understood as constraints but as possibilities that empower the beauty of play.

As Greeks once did thousands of years ago at the city of Olympia to celebrate the empire’s cultural diversity, during the workshop week we are going to design a series of games to celebrate the act of being part of a community.

Through the simple logics of adaptation we are bound to write the rules behind the games, build the elements to play the games, trace the environment to host the games, shape the prizes to crown the games, and finally inspire the ceremony to celebrate.

As in modern day Olympics, this workshop looks for people from around the world to join us at Domaine de Boisbuchet to design and play “The Games”.

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Price includes full workshop tuition & accommodation
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• accommodation & food are included
• we can accommodate for special catering
• all participants sleep in dormitories
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• our staff is available to help you conceptualize & produce your designs
• tools & materials are provided by Boisbuchet
• all workshops are taught in English
• the number of participants is limited to 22
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• weekly bonfire, exhibition & guided tour of the Domaine
• 3 conferences from designers
• the famous Wednesday Porky’s party
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