Workshop Review : Surprise Mistakes with Henrik Vibskov

Domaine de Boisbuchet held their inaugural performance last Friday in the shadow of their 19th century Chateau as the sun retreated in the western sky. Light rain did not deter what was an emotional spectacle created by the participants of Henrik Vibskov’s workshop “Surprise Mistakes”.

Vibskov arrived at Boisbuchet just one day after “The Salami Kitchen” show he realized at the Westin Hotel in Paris as part of Paris Fashion Week 2016. Day one, consisted of a tour of the Boisbuchet grounds, including its architectural structures and the “Origin of a Work” exhibit curated by Boisbuchet director Mathias Schwartz-Clauss and currently on display in the chateau.Henrik Vibskov_28062016_Ingebjørg Kårstad On day two, Vibskov encouraged participants to meditate while reflecting on their lives and then began with a light-hearted conversation about the last meal they ate before arriving at Boisbuchet and then encouraged them to open themselves up to discuss mistakes they had made in their lives and fears they carried with them. These confessions became the inspiration for the performance to come. Participants then worked in groups over the next three days designing costumes, props, and the sets while drawing upon Vibskov’s expertise, creativity, and genius.

7G1A7078_Henrik Vibskov_01072016_Ingebjørg Kårstad©CIRECA_Domaine de BoisbuchetThe final performance was an emotional masterpiece. A haunting and rhythmic original score, composed by Boisbuchet videographer Bastian Zeiselmair, echoed around the darkening meadow in front of the chateau as a light rain perfectly set the mood. An architectural relief, designed by architect Go Hasegawa for a workshop the year before, served as the ideal location for the set which consisted of a platform surrounded by 5 wooden structures of varying sizes.
7G1A6311_ Henrik Vibskov_30062016_Ingebjørg Kårstad©CIRECA_Domaine de Boisbuchet.jpg
As the performance progressed, participants, which Henrik referred to as “ghost riders”, slowly emerged from beneath the platform wearing salmon colored costumes, created using leftover textile provided by Kvadrat for another Boisbuchet workshop in 2014 by Turkish designer and architect Sevil Peach, and were an interpretation of agricultural working clothes, an homage to the farmlands that surround Boisbuchet. The participants swayed rhythmically with the music, as if part of an otherworldly harvest celebration, as the center of the structure rose to create a massive sphere, symbolizing the emotional bubbles we build up around ourselves.
Henrik Vibskov_01072016_Ingebjørg Kårstad©CIRECA_Domaine de Boisbuchet
The ghost riders then mounted each of the wooden structures, which acted like giant rocking chairs, and continued to rock in time to the building musical score, and symbolized the rocky ground we all rest on, no matter our level in life.

Finally the music stopped. The audience, composed of fellow tutors Simon Costin and Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, as well as their workshop participants and Boisbuchet staff, including Boisbuchet founder Alexander Von Vegesack and director Mathias Schwartz-Clauss, rose to their feet in thunderous applause. 7G1A7180_ Henrik Vibskov__01072016_Ingebjørg Kårstad©CIRECA_Domaine de Boisbuchet Vibskov joined his participants for a final bow and the audience was then invited to get a closer look at the set, structures, costumes.

Participant Brennen Birch said of the experience of working with Vibskov, “With just a few days and a bolt of pink fabric, we created a spectacle realized entirely through experimentation, thinking by doing, and finding inspiration in our own mistakes. Henrik doesn’t limit himself to any one type of medium; Brennan HoBB portraiteach of us left the workshop inspired to seek new avenues of creative expression outside of our comfort zone.”

Each year Boisbuchet welcomes designers, architects, and artists from around the world to spend a week with participants and share their knowledge, experience, and expertise with participants while surrouded by the splendid setting of their 19th century French estate. This year, 47 acclaimed tutors from 20 different countries make up an eclectic roster of disciplines. More information about this year’s offerings is available by visiting or calling +33 (0)5 45 30 65 57.

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About Henrik Vibskov
Henrik Vibskov_28062016_Ingebjørg Kårstad

Vibskov has been described as a designer that “marches energetically to the beat of his own drum”, an allusion to not only his unique combination of modern and folk fashion trends and unique use and knowledge of fabrics, but also to his passion for drumming in which he tours with Danish band Trentemøller. Educated at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and currently a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Mode Masculine, the governing body for the French men’s fashion industry, Vibskov has two stores in Copenhagen and New York and his collections are sold through thoroughly selected shops across the globe.

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Twitter: @VibskovBoutique
Instagram: @HenrikVibskov

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