Making History: A mid-summer review

July 28, 2019

The Bauhaus spirit is now in full swing at Boisbuchet. During the previous weeks, textiles had been recycled for fashion presented in a cat walk over Boisbuchet’s lake, glass wass melted together with plants in our woodfired kiln, and sunlight blueprinted a six meter long cyanotype for an art installation in the Chinese pavilion. These are just a few examples. Each week has been filled with energy and the results of the dynamics have astonished our tutors as much as the participants.

We are now preparing for a contemporary interpretation of Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet, which we’ll celebrate this week-end in a performance contributing to our program for public visitors. Guided tours of our architectural park, panel discussions on design, workshops on plants in art and design, and a day about Japanese design are going to follow in that program.

Meanwhile, the coming workshops will include the design of a second ground in nature with Canadian Philip Beesley, the making of an installation on colour for the Design Museum in Gent – together with our longtime partners mischer’traxler, the realization of a pop-up shop in the town nearby with retail expert Thomas Dariel, preparations of innovative food with Katharina Unger, clay-storming architectural experiments with UN architect Anna Heringer, and the discovery of technical beauty with Francisco Gómez Paz.

For these as well as for workshops on jewelry, sound, dining utensils, leather, and light, places are still available! So book your workshops now, pack a bit of luggage and come to Boisbuchet to join our summer workshops of design, crafts, art, and architecture – it is your last chance!

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