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JULY 1st – SEPT 1st

Fake news, alternative facts, virtual realities… Media that were meant to connect us are taking on a life of their own. They blur borders between the actual world and its image and they answer questions about true or false with the loudest voice or strongest image. Our workshops this year offer a reality-check. They dip your hands into matter, confront ancient knowledge with high-tech, engage you with innovative companies and let you connect to real people – here and now!

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Workshops 2018
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JUNE 25th – SEPT 23rd

In 2017, our practical and multidisciplinary workshops look towards a future that demands responsibility as much as it allows creative minds to experiment, play, and learn. We are inviting designers, architects, and artists to pose the best questions, verify their answers, and ind out how we should deal with ourselves, society, and politics. In short: get your hands dirty and make the future grow.

2019 Workshops
Workshops 2018
Workshops 2017
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JUNE 26th – SEPT 3rd

We are living in a globalizing culture that challenges tolerance, understanding and learning. Therefore the 26th edition of our workshops sets the focus on “ORIGIN & TRANSLATION” and puts creativity to the test: What are role models, what is authentic and original, and how are projects influenced by reproduction or imitation, interpretation and a translation of the existing.

2019 Workshops

For over 25 years, CIRECA (Centre International de Recherche et d’Education Culturelle et Agricole), the non-profit organisation running Boisbuchet’s program, organises interdisciplinary workshops. Participants from all over the world live and work here together with noted designers, architects, and artists – not to come up with perfect results, but to gain insights into the creative process and the challenges involved.


No, in Boisbuchet we believe in collaboration, which is why everyone is invited to participate in the workshops. Because diversity is an essential part of our philosophy, we don’t select participants: No diplomas or qualifications required, except for speaking English.

We organize a shuttle bus every Sunday at 5pm, from the Poitiers train station to Boisbuchet. Our staff will be at the train station to escort you to the bus. The shuttle leaves back on Saturday morning around 10am and drops you off at the Poitiers train station no later than 1pm. If you are driving your own car, the address is: Domaine de Boisbuchet, 16500 Lessac. Signs will guide you to the Domaine as soon as you arrive in Lessac.

Summers are generally hot in Boisbuchet, but at night the temperature goes down quickly. And occasionally, there are rainy days. In any case, you should bring comfortable working clothes for your workshop. Don’t forget that we do not provide towels.

Boisbuchet has it’s own little shop at The Mill, with snacks and souvenirs. There is a kiosk and a post office in Lessac (3km away), and the closest pharmacy is in Confolens (16km away).

Yes. If you are a EU citizen, you just have to bring your European Health Insurance Card, which is provided for free by your national health service. If you are coming from outside the EU, you should purchase a health insurance policy covering the duration of your trip to France.

There is no public transportation between Boisbuchet and other surrounding towns. If you need, you can always book a taxi here. Or rent a bike.

Absolutely. Fill in the required information during the online booking, and we will make sure to take it into account upon your arrival. If you have any specific question, you can always email us at

Yes, there is a public network that covers most public areas.

Testimonial - Renato Hofer

Boisbuchet is a kind of utopian community, where knowledge and relationships wonder together among these surprising buildings.

Renato Hofer, Creative Director from São Paulo
Testimonial - Pavlina Malinova

For me, it was an unexpected experience, full of extraordinary people, a peaceful environment and so many warm smiles.

Pavlina Malinova, Architect from Milan
Testimonial - Kristína Šipulová

It is a place to make, think, and also to stop thinking.

Kristína Šipulová, Academy of Fine Arts & Design in Oslo
Testimonial - Carlo del Mazo

I felt at home because everyone treated me like family.

Carlo del Mazo, Student at the Art Academy of Latvia in Riga