Muller Van Severen (BE)

Furniture that transforms space

August 14th – August 20th 2016

The Workshop

When we think of making furniture, space is always very important. We want to explore dimensions, both in the piece itself as well as in the compositions we make.
We try to involve walls, ceilings and floors, but also respect the empty parts. And when we think of making a chair, we also think of a table and a lamp etc. We try to create a world and not just an element. However, the elements of this world should be small worlds themselves – like little architectures.

Workshop Categories

Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen are both artists but their collection sits somewhere between art and design: it is obviously ‘furniture’ but the emphasis is not completely concentrated on function and suggests different ways of living and the use of space – an uncanny twist on universal forms. Fien Muller’s photography is suggestive of someone who considers everything in her daily life to be up for participation in a theatre of her compositions where it is not so much the qualities of an individual object that are important, but what happens when that object is introduced to another. Her sense of colour is likewise extraordinary and features odd combinations with always a harmonious result. Hannes’ work is often the other way around: the familiar becomes absurd in a sense that it loses it’s function and turns irrational, such as a staircase laid on its side and going nowhere or a closet that was pushed through the circular saw and lost its balance. Since 2011, Muller van Severen’s collaborative work has been featured in numerous exhibitions in Europe and the USA and is widely published in magazines and online publications on art as well as on design.