Lex Pott (NL)

Time Capsules

July 7th – July 13th 2019

The Workshop

I like aging materials and often go back to the different stages of a material's processing in experiments with natural materials in their “cultivated” and natural state. This workshop exposes participants to experience various materials such as wood, metal and stone and to experiment with their aging process as well as a reversion of that.

The oxidation of metal and a kind of acceleration of time will be our starting point. One of the aspects in our work with wood will be to explore its natural versus its cultivated condition; but we'll certainly go further here since wood is an obvious time capsule in itself. Another challenge will be to carve out the elemental notions of time in various kinds of stone.

I'll bring some nice materials and prepare various experiments with these materials in order to allow interesting overlaps. The first days will be about trying and learning while the upcoming days of our workshop are about defining your own thoughts and methods.