Stuart Haygarth (GB)

Turn the Dark Off

August 28th – September 3rd 2016

The Workshop

Using Boisbuchet’s material treasures which are hidden in nature or forgotten in the workshop’s storage, we are going to experiment with a mix of natural and industrial materials to create plenty of unique chandeliers that are lit with a single light bulb only.

Workshop Categories

Stuart Haygarth United Kingdom

Elevating the commonplace or discarded object is a central tenant of Haygarth’s work. His exquisite designs and installations have employed the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life – from man made debris washed up on the seashore to thousands of salvaged prescription spectacles. Creating order and symmetry out of randomness and waste, his work is as much about the process of collecting and collating materials as the elevation of these materials to objects of value or beauty. By constructing narratives about time, loss, abandonment, and modernity, these human aspects attached to the chosen objects are an integral part and driving force within the work. As he has said, ‘My work revolves around everyday objects, often collected in large quantities, categorized and presented in such a way that they are given new meaning. It is about banal and overlooked objects gaining new significance’.