Marlène Huissoud (FR)

Slow Down Please

July 21st – July 27th 2019

The Workshop

In a time where everything is falling apart, nobody can stand alone.
The worldwide disappearance of species is a fact. Climate change is a fact. Nationalism is a fact. We could all stop here. But as artists and designers and citizens we have to act. Nobody wants to see another beautiful chair anymore, so the question is rather: How can we can give back to nature?

Let us stand together surrounded by this reality, by future, and by nature.
‘Slow Down Please’ is first and foremost a reflexion. It is not about a design piece or about an art piece. It is an experiment with something that always exists around us: nature. This workshop shall materialise what is happening around us and how we might give back to nature. The answer might be a small gesture or an attitude but we will push this idea of giving back during the whole workshop. What makes sense to exist now? What needs to be made? What do you want to make then? What do you want to express?

The workshop's participants should take a one-week break and use Domaine de Boisbuchet as a resource to ideate and make objects, scenarios, machines, or installations that help the Domaine's natural environment.

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