Trevor Lee (US) + Janet Echelman (US)

Organic Solar Futures: Investigating Art + Energy Technologies

August 19th – August 25th 2018

The Workshop

As we move towards our renewable energy future, new technologies offer unlimited potential for integrating art and energy within the public realm. The workshop will consider the transformative and creative possibilities of Organic Photovoltaic (OPV) thin film technologies. The goal of our workshop is to collectively design and construct a large-scale, outdoor, tensile-structure installation that will collect the suns energy during the day and release light at night.

OPVIUS, a German-based Organic photovoltaic (OPV) manufacturer, is partnering with us as part of this workshop and will introduce the science and applications of OPV or Organic Photovoltaic solar cells. Utilizing this exciting new material technology, we will investigate scale, form, color and transparency in their deployment within the landscape. Our installation, on the grounds of Domaine De Boisbuchet, will integrate with its surroundings both visually and environmentally while providing movement during the day and self-illumination at night.

Workshop Categories

Trevor Lee United States

Trevor’s background includes over 16 years’ of experience in both the academic and professional sectors of Landscape Architecture. He brings public realm and urban planning expertise as well as strategic leadership and project management experience to any project. He has led design studios and seminars in landscape architecture and urban design, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Trevor has taught at the Boston Architectural Center, Syracuse University’s School of Architecture, the University of Pennsylvania Department of Landscape Architecture and is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor and third-year coordinator at the Illinois Institute of Technology Landscape Architecture and Urbanism Program.

With both of his professional degrees coming from art and design schools and his background of working with several Landscape Architecture offices, Trevor has a wide range of skills and experience. In his previous position as Associate at James Corner Field Operations, he led the design and concept phase for the High Line section 3. Trevor also led JCFO’s winning competition entry for Chicago’s Navy Pier and, most recently, OLIN’s design for Pier 26 in Manhattan. He has his own office, Suprafutures, which has been awarded, in association with the Land Art Generator Initiative, grants from the NEA, Heinz and Hillman Foundation, to design and construct the first energy-generating art installation in an American public park, called WindNest. Trevor is currently an Associate and Manager of Visual Communications at OLIN in Philadelphia.

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