Thomas Dariel (FR) + Maison Dada (FR)

A Successful Seduction

August 11th – August 17th 2019

The Workshop

What a marvellous adventure shopping can be!

We often find windows like artworks and shops that would do honour to any museum. Shops can be like cabinets of wonder, zoos, laboratories, or places from outer space. But they all share one thing: they seduce in order to sell and they are dressed for success.

Let’s create a unique shop for the Domaine de Boisbuchet, that place in the middle of nowhere, discovered by people from all over the world. This shop might be in the Domaine’s main building or could be installed down at Boisbuchet’s river café. It might even be a pop-up shop in downtown Confolens - a little city nearby.

We’ve got plenty of material, possibilities and creativity but one week only - and we are going to make it!

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