Cecilia Andersson (SE) + Mathias Schwartz-Clauss (DE)

So far my idea

August 28th – September 3rd 2016

The Workshop

Our workshop invites designers, curators, scenographers and artists to experiment in story-telling on the topic of design. Together we will identify possible presentations by establishing a theme (shoes, dreams, wood…), an audience (visitors to an event or exhibition, our families, the neighbours…) and the purpose (education, community, entertainment…). The various ways to articulate a presentation will be divided into tasks for individuals and teams. We are going to work physically with any material Boisbuchet has to offer and by intellectually consulting our memory, logic, intuition and phantasy as well as exhibitions, books, films, nature and in discussion with the people around us. Let’s find out how to generate knowledge, embody ideas, relate them to aesthetics and examine our values.

Workshop Categories

Cecilia Andersson (born in Stockholm in 1961) is curator at Bildmuseet in Umeå, Sweden. She studied photography at ICP in New York and holds a masters degree in curating at Goldsmiths college, London. In 2003 she initiated Werk in Liverpool, a platform for discussing the changing role of the artist in contexts of urban regeneration. Her interests today are primarily concerned with the social function of art and include co-creation processes, interdisciplinary approaches and contextual challenges in terms of communication and presentation of artists’ works.

She has lived and worked in a number of countries, among them Spain, Great Britain, United States and Lebanon. Her writing has been published extensively in various international journals, magazines and artists’ catalogues.

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Mathias Schwartz-Clauss (born in Düsseldorf in 1964) is an art historian and curator. He studied art history and philosophy at Universität Trier and Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany. From 1992 until 2013 he was curator at the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany, and in charge of numerous internationally travelling exhibitions and catalogues such as The World of Charles and Ray Eames, the first Ron Arad retrospective, Frank Lloyd Wright – The Living City, Living in Motion, Jean Prouvé – Poetics of the Technical Object, Antibodies – The Works of Fernando and Humberto Campana, The Essence of Things, or Pop Art Design. Since 2013 he is responsible for workshops, exhibitions and the architectural park at Domaine de Boisbuchet in France. His special interests are aimed at the human condition and the intersection of design and art.

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  • Accommodation & food are included
  • We can accommodate for special catering
  • All participants sleep in dormitories
  • To book a private room or bring additional guests, get in touch: manager@boisbuchet.org


  • Our staff are available to help you conceptualize & produce your designs
  • Tools & materials are provided by Boisbuchet
  • All workshops are taught in English
  • The number of participants is limited to 22