Shameel Muhammed (AE) + Stephanie Chaltiel (FR)

Future Earthen Dwellers

August 5th – August 11th 2018

The Workshop

Participants of Future Earthen Dwellers invade Domaine de Boisbuchet and take on the challenge to build in 5 days a permanent inhabitable vault structure – entirely made of local natural materials but using novel robotic fabrication principles.

The technique that we will be exploring is funded by the Marie Curie EU program and being developed at iaac in Barcelona.

We will get to work alongside a professional drone pilot to adapt 3 types of sprayers depending on the level of viscosity and density of fibres for the different coatings that the drones will spray on a temporary inflatable mould.

A double remote control of the large drones will allow participants to control speed and pressure of the clay's application - amongst other parameters as well. Timing (including the time needed for drying) will be crucial in our success and influence the drone’s choreography.

Participants will also work on the design of some integrated transparent modules that filter the light in our warm earthen shell.

On the last day of our workshop we will work entirely by hand in order to craft the finishing texture, fine-tune the building's openings, increase smoothness and gloss and add texture to some areas of the earthen shells.

The whole genesis of our shell will be filmed and streamed live.

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