Christopher Schanck (US) + Peter Beaugard (US) + CMoG (US)

Bauhaus on Fire

July 7th – July 17th 2019

The Workshop

This workshop proposes speculative futures within contemporary industrial design. The mechanisms of industrial design are no longer limited to a select few gatekeepers within industry but are becoming available and accessible to almost everyone. As we move away from mass production towards mass customization, designed objects are becoming increasingly tailored to our own personal needs. In this workshop we will explore a future where we are all designers creating for our own idiosyncratic personal tastes and needs.

Working with traditional materials including clay and glass we will undergo a series of both foundational and experimental exercises to explore material specificity, craft, and the connection between designed objects and the human body. Additionally, we will explore user interaction design and the methods through which we encode and imbed meaning into designed objects. This workshop favors an iterative hands-on approach to generating new forms and design typologies with physical materials. From this acquired knowledge, we will create a series of specialized objects that relate to our own unique standards, narratives, rituals, and routines.

Upon completion of this workshop, students will have a portfolio of objects that reflect an understanding of the user-centered design process, demonstrate proficiencies in rapid prototyping in clay and glass, and have an understanding of the future of industrial design in contemporary society.