mischer’traxler (AT)

Designing an encyclopedia of unique objects

July 3rd – July 9th 2016

The Workshop

Normally in an encyclopedia one finds out what a specific term means and the given description helps us to understand it. In our workshop this process will be reversed in order to create unusual objects.

What if we have to explain a specific term without knowing it and just use our phantasy to define an object? What if this explanation is then translated into a unique thing? Could a ‘pyrometer’ be a fireplace? And an ‘intrados’ a cup for two? And how would it really look like? A task that will trigger our imagination in order to get to unique results.
Through practical assignments and experiments, the participants will define and translate, make, test and explore. Directions to consider will vary from logic and meaningful solutions to poetic and lively proposals up to amusing absurdity.
At the end of the week there will be a collection of products, furniture, objects or even installations that form a surprising three-dimensional ‘encyclopedia’ of unique things. Let’s build something pulchritudious!

Workshop Categories

Katharina Mischer, Thomas Traxler and their team form mischer‘traxler studio. Based in Vienna they develop and design products, furniture, installations and more, with a focus on experiments, context and conceptual thinking.

Balancing between handcraft and technology, they envision whole systems, new production methods and kinetic or interactive installations that question topics, tell stories or open up new ways of doing things. Influencing and complementing each other, Katharina and Thomas examine, experiment, analyse and reject. Their results are often playing with uniqueness and some of their projects are poetic records that interact with the viewer and evoke unexpected reactions. By using their outcomes as well as a mean of communication, the studio tries to show that Design can be functional, good and beautiful not just in objects but as well in the ideas they represent.

Their projects are displayed in exhibitions on contemporary Design and Art as well as in Museums such as the Boijmans van Boiningen, the Design Museum London, the Triennale Milano, Mudac Lausanne and more, as well as on International festivals and fairs. Projects by mischer’traxler are to be found in the permanent collections of the Art institute Chicago, the Vitra Design Museum and the MAK Vienna, among others.
As a studio, mischer’traxler was honoured with the ‘Designer of the future award’ by Design Miami/Basel and W-hotels in 2011 in 2014 with the ‘Young talent award’ by the Be-open foundation and recently with the Swarovski Design Medal 2016 by Swarovski and the Vienna Design Week.