Sourabh Gupta (IN)

Spiritual Soundscape, Collective Calling

August 11th – August 17th 2019

The Workshop

This workshop aims to explore with an architectural installation the role of sound in a spiritual and collective context.

The natural setting of our project will contribute immensely to the nature of this sensorial sculpture. Rooted and timeless, scaled and sculpted, our installation should converse with the topography of Boisbuchet – metaphorically and literally.

The final structure will represent a collective calling through an act by and for the community and through communication across space and time. Whether this installation chimes or gongs, it will bring people together. It will explore the relationship between nature, landscape, sound, and the spiritual.

Our workshop culminates in the collective task of building together this installation, but besides offering a hands-on architectural and sculptural exercise, it also allows a self-reflective journey.

Workshop Categories

Sourabh Gupta is the founder of studio Archohm in Noida, India. He graduated from School of Architecture, CEPT University, Ahmedabad and TU Delft, the Netherlands in 2000. Today Archohm has evolved into a design practice with projects and initiatives addressing a wide array of issues, scales and typologies. From master planning of cities to designing their street signage, from farmer markets to cultural haats, hospitals to hospitality, riverfronts to residential projects, it has ventured into almost every typology of projects with ‘design’ as its main focus. Its portfolio now spans across a diversity of sectors that include public, social, educational, religious and cultural institutions. Sourabh and his studio are constantly seeking directions in contemporary Indian architecture. 

Sourabh has also initiated – an interdisciplinary experience design firm called Design Factory India  in 2012, and founded a design education institute called The Design Village in 2014.
Believing in living a ‘life through design’, a discerning ‘wanderer’, Sourabh is on a perpetual design expedition.