Timur Ersen (FR) + amàco (FR)

Layer by Layer – Building with Erosion

September 10th – September 16th 2017

The Workshop

Here we go for a second edition of the rammed-earth workshop “Layer by Layer”. This time, Timur Ersen together with amáco will drive you in the challenge of building a tea house with rammed-earth walls supporting an existing bamboo roof by Simon Velez.

The purpose of this workshop is to learn an ancestral technique called rammed-earth (“pisé” in French) within a contemporary context. The best way to learn is to do it yourself, so we'll be working on site all together to build with our own hands the walls of this tea house. We will be experiencing all the steps: from mixing the earth material to setting up the formwork, pouring and ramming the earth layer by layer, dismantling the formwork, and making the finishings.

In addition to this real building site experience, amàco will organise some activities around the material earth. Those exercises will allow you to understand earth material's physical qualities and building properties and develop your creativity. You will be able to realise the diversity of what can be produced with earth and to grasp by handling and observation the impact of the key processing parameters for various soils: consistency, water absorption, compatibility, and gesture. Through several presentations, we will discuss and discover together other contemporary projects using this technique and see how this craftsmanship evolved since some decades.

This will be an intensive workshop with lots of effort, lots of dirt on your clothes, lots of fun and most important, great food! Don’t forget to bring dirty clothes (everyday is a building site day).

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Timur is a French/Turkish architect. He studied at the School of Architecture of Lyon as well as at the EPFL (Federal Polytechnical School of Lausanne). After graduating in architecture, he worked eight months as worker for the visionary rammed earth craftsman Martin Rauch. Within Rauch’s team, he worked especially on the Ricola Herb Center designed by Herzog & De Meuron near Basel, which is now the biggest contemporary rammed earth building in Europe. After working six months as an architect with Anna Heringer in Germany, he went to Mexico to design and build his first project in the tropical forest of Oaxaca. This small permaculture workspace won the Blue Award 2014 and has been shortlisted in the European Price of Architecture Philippe Rotthier.

Timur Ersen has run for 3 years his own practice as architect and craftsman in Turkey, proposing constructions that are based on local resources regarding material, craftsmanship and energy. Today, he is based in France.

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