Bertjan Pot (NL)

Grass with Pot

July 21st – July 27th 2019

The Workshop

This is inviting designers, architects, textile designers, fashion designers, and other creative enthusiasts who like to work hands on.

Textile is often approached from its stylistic side because of its potential in color, materials and tactility. Although my own work is very colourful and considered stylish by many, I find the most inspiring part of textile in its construction. How fibers can come together to make textile or an object is much more interesting to me than it’s final stylish looks. Not that I don’t like ‘pretty’ it’s just not the starting point for me.

For this workshop the primary material will be grass that grows in an abundance at Boisbuchet. By twining and twisting the long natural fibers of grass with our bare hands we can make it into rope and by braiding, weaving, knotting and knitting this rope we develop the potential of this super common material and different textile techniques in general. The outcome can be architectural, fashionable, somewhere in between or maybe even both.