Omar Sosa (ES) + Urs Lehni (CH) + Apartamento (ES)

Story Making

July 14th – July 20th 2019

The Workshop

As an attempt to get away from the computer, this workshop is an exploration of ancient and modern printing techniques. We will create an editorial object with the maximum level of freedom while exploring the limitations of printing techniques.

After following a short introduction to the different techniques, groups of four participants each will find their themes for a publication that has to be reproduced with the given tools in a minimum of 25 copies.

Each group will be composed by the following roles: one editor, one designer and two printers. The printers will have to find available materials and techniques, the editor will have to gather and edit the content and the designer puts that together for the printers. Although each one in the team will be responsible for his or her area, everyone should help the others.

Any printing and binding technique is permitted as long as it allows reproduction – from wood printing on paper to clay engraving and screen printing, even a Riso printing machine might be available. The techniques might also be mixed for better results.

Your final goal is to publish a limited series of 25 editorial pieces that will be sold or given away at the end of this workshop. The theme is free but you'll be encouraged to find connexions with our environment or the other workshops happening at the same time.

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