Philippe Malouin (CA) + TOUBOIS (FR)

Mass Production: Plywood

July 28th – August 3rd 2019

The Workshop

This workshop focuses on designing a simple design object made of plywood and producing it locally at Boisbuchet. This object should be made of standard plywood, or by laminating wood veneers to create a compound form.

All aspects of a real product design process will be considered: from initial brainstorm, sketch models and prototyping to a serial production.

Philippe will be the client and brief the participants, outlining a method of production on site that challenges participants to design their individual pieces and manufacture them in at least 10 copies on the grounds of Boisbuchet.

The whole workshop thus represents an accelerated outline of a standard design process.

At the end, some objects might be produces industrially - either as part of Boisbuchet’s inaugural product line which will be subsequently sold on Boisbuchet's website or for a third party such as a company for home appliances.