Boisbuchet is a kind of utopian community, where knowledge and relationships wonder together among these surprising buildings. This iconoclastic group, isolated on this island, sleeping, eating and working together, suddenly gives ways to unique collaborations and friendships, which makes us feel as if we had been there for ages.

Renato Hofer

Creative Director in Lisbon, Portugal

It is really difficult to explain to someone who hasn't been to Boisbuchet, what exactly Boisbuchet is about. For me, it was an unexpected experience, full of extraordinary people, a peaceful environment and so many warm smiles. You are out of the “real life”, but somehow you start to feel that Boisbuchet is the new reality, and you get used to it very quickly.

Pavlina Malinova

Architect in Milan, Italy

This unique place has a truly special atmosphere with a rich experience. I had the best moments, sharing ideas, developing them, playing with them, taking them much further to unexpected results, thanks to the group dynamics. It is a place to make, think, and also to stop thinking. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to meet amazing people!

Kristína Šipulová

Academy of Fine Arts & Design in Oslo, Norway

I am from Peru and went to Boisbuchet during 1 month in August 2016. It was the best experience of my life. I felt at home because everyone treated me like family. I learnt a lot about design and I am also very thankful to the Primos, who helped us bring our crazy ideas to life: Nathan, Felix and Carlos.

Carlo del mazo

Student at the Art Academy of Latvia in Riga, Latvia