Human Fur, Textiles, Design And Film

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Participants in this workshop will research different types of animal skin. You’ll manipulate the characters of the skin while imitating it with all kinds of ‘pour’ material and explore different artisanal techniques.

Working directly on the body with these created materials, you’ll explore how to change the human silhouette into animalistic shapes. The end result is a short film where you’ll capture the new creatures.

Key in the workshop is working from your intuition and following your design instinct!

Bart_Hess_Portrait1Bart Hess (1984) explores several fields combining material studies, animation and photography in a surrealist manner. With his fascination for the human body and the manipulation of it, Hess pushes the boundaries of the textile design profession: his designs transcend the craft, as Hess chooses to extend them via other media such as film, photography and animation. His futuristic materials and textures blur the boundary between textile and skin, human and new species.

With his work Hess has obtained an independent position in the world of fashion, design and art. His list of international collaborations and clients include prestigious names such as Lady Gaga, Lucy McRae, Palais de Tokyo and Nick Knight.

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