This exhibition is a journey to distant countries and foreign cultures to discover the world of objects. 

The journey begins in France, then takes us to the Jinetes of Andalusia, before meeting with the indigenous people of the Venezuelan forest. Discover one of the greatest of all Mexican architects; travel from the heart of the Amish community in the United States to the court of the Tsar of Russia, and then to Riga in Latvia. Meet preeminent Chinese artists; roam the bazaars of Istanbul, Cairo and Marrakech; and sink into the subtle depths of the African continent.

Accompanied by richly illustrated texts, the 80 objects collected in over 40 countries by Alexander von Vegesack, the founder of Domaine de Boisbuchet, will allow visitors to discover the stories from the past, right up until present day. These objects are as much famous masterpieces as they are objects of the everyday. They are contextualized sometimes in a scientific way; sometimes in a more intimate way. The visitor will marvel at the functionality of these objects, of the techniques which were used to make them, but also, quite simply, for their beauty.

Above all, this exhibition deals with the discovery of the particularity of each object. Obviously, they show and explain the miracles of cultural diversity, whilst asking us questions about judgment and prejudice. But they also question the differentiation between design, art and crafts, as the industrial products, the origin of which is unknown, rub shoulders with the unique creations of notable designers, or even everyday objects manufactured, individually or collectively, with traditional local skills.

Finally, this voyage “Around the World in 80 Objects” opens us to the act of discovery itself.

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