Each of the summer workshops offers a unique and practical learning experience. There is a great diversity, ranging from architecture to ceramics, from lighting to food design. But despite these differences, all workshops offer a life-changing experience which includes:

1. Accommodation

Participants are accommodated in the Dépendance, a 19th century building which now is our guesthouse. All rooms have their own washrooms (WC/shower) and are furnished with comfortable period furniture.

The Dépendance ©Deidi von Schaven
Guest room ©Andreas Jung

2. Mediterranean cuisine

Food is an essential part of Boisbuchet. You will enjoy delicious, organic, creative and healthy Mediterranean food. We care for special diets and we grow our own vegetables in the garden!

Lunch at Boisbuchet ©Aneta Zeleznikova
The garden and Shigeru Ban's Pavilion ©Abdreas Jung

3. Tuition, materials & tools

All the tools and materials are available on location, and our skilled technicians will help you with all your projects.

Jaime Hayón 2015 ©Ivy Tzai
Materials and tools in the Atelier ©Domaine de Boisbuchet

4. Guided architecture tour in the Domaine

In the context of our workshop programme, internationally renowned architects have constructed a series of buildings over the past years that present a fascinating contrast to Boisbuchet’s traditional buildings. They are practical examples of alternative materials and construction methods, sustainability and a harmonious interplay with nature, landscape and architecture.

The Château ©Choche Gomez
The Japanese Guesthouse ©Deidi von Schaven
Le Manège by Markus Heinsdorff ©Enrique Mellado
The Techstyle-Haus ©Julia Hasse

5. Fun & entertainment

We make weekly campfires to receive participants and meet each other. You will also discover “Porky’s”, our famous costume party in the castle’s “dungeon”

Campfire, Workshop by Alvaro Siza ©Ivy Tzai
Porky's, 2017 ©Zito Tseng

6. A place to breathe free

Boisbuchet is a perfect place to simply relax and reflect. There are yoga sessions in the morning for those